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Human Resources

The management of the company is aware that the efforts will succeed only by the commitment of every single employee at his/her workplace.

By preparing periodically reports about the status of the introduction, applying and effectiveness of the quality control system, mistakes and discrepancies are being discovered and steps are taken for their correction.

We stimulate the innovation and creativity of the employees:

- We encourage their work, without any compulsion using ways like: personal responsibility, involvement in objectives and intensions in accordance with the company’s status;

- Individual evaluation of the work, approval and rewarding the progressively (advanced) thinking employees;

- Proper grading of merits and non-merits, success and failure of each one individually, regardless the position;

- Development of skills for critical attitude towards one’s own behaviour and results.

We require high standard of quality from the direct contractîrs in designing and construction.

We take care of the safety of the employees and the protection of their health within the company, as well as during the execution of activities outside it.

The company disposes of sufficient number of qualified experts for the performance of its activities. All aspects of the work projects and the execution of construction are covered. Fifty people, employed on a work contract basis, work in the company, and the certified list of specialists being an integral part of the License issued by MRDPW consists of 97 experts.




Rubicon has nine offices – the head office is situated in Varna, and eight more located in Sofia, Plovdiv, Stara Zagora, Dimitrovgrad, Svilengrad, Rousse, Burgas and Belgrade /Republic of Serbia/



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